Setup Guide for DIY Camera Module

Setup Guide for DIY Camera Module

If you recently bought The Latest DIY Hidden Camera Module with the Wide Angle Lens from The Online Spy Shop and are finding it hard to setup and use, please follow the easy instructions below: 

How do I setup the Hidden Camera Module with Wide Lens and Remote?

6 Simple Steps to Help You Setup Your Hidden Cam Module, with Wireless Remote and Wide Lens.

  1. First and foremost, you will need to charge the spy camera module for at least 8 hours.
  2. Insert your sd card into the sd card slot (format sd card before beginning).
  3. Locate the on / off switch on the device and switch to on position.
  4. Press and hold the on / off button on the remote (see diagram below), for 5 seconds. To switch spy module on (module will vibrate).
  5. Then simply select a mode in which you want to record, or take photos (manual operation for photos).
  6. Now all you need to do, is place the spy module and battery pack in the area you'd like to record.

What are the different modes?

 There are 3 different modes available on the spy camera module with wide lens and wireless remote:

  1. Video Mode: When video mode has been selected, the spy module will record video the whole day.
  2. Motion Mode: The motion mode option is known as motion detection and will record video when movement has been detected (within its range).
  3. Photo Mode: This option is a manual operation and will ONLY take a photo when the remote button has been pressed.

Things to remember about the above modes:

  1. Video Mode: Will deplete the battery very quickly, unless plugged in for the day (device can function while being charged).
  2. Motion Mode: Saves battery life, but also saves time when you playback any footage. As it ONLY records on movement.
  3. Photo Mode: Very rarely used, as most people do not have the time to sit and take photos manually through the day.

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To view the recorded video footage, stored on the sd card, simply:

  1. ​Playback the video: Use the USB Cable (supplied) plug into the spy module and the plug into your pc / laptop.
  2. To save recorded footage: Open the folder (where footage is located) and cut files from the spy module and paste onto your desktop folder.

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