Cheap Anti Spy Detector

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Cheap Anti Spy Detector in South Africa with vibration and sound alarms, portable and built in battery, pocket sized, lens detection, up to 6500mhz detecting range and built in led indication alert. Contact us: Spy Shop Sales: 064 813 2896

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New Cheap Anti Spy Detector for sale.

  • detecting distance: 10cm-10m (For camera see IR flash).
  • Detecting indication mode:
  • If the IR laser flashes, this means the target was found
  • Sound alarm indication detecting
  • Vibration indication detecting

The Cheap Anti Spy Detector for Signal Finding and Frequency Locating!

  • Adjust the sensitivity to low in order to make the detection range shorter.
  • Power supply: 1.5v AAA x2
  • Detecting wave distance: 920mm

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  • Adjusts the signal from weak to strong to find the target directly
  • Electronic wave detecting distance: 5cm-10m (according to the transmitting power of the camera)
  • 800mw-1200mw: detecting distance will be 300-800cm
  • 300mw-600mw: detecting distance will be 100-200cm
  • 50mw-200mw: detecting distance will be 30-50cm
  • Automatic detecting function:
  • This unit will remind you via vibration if there is a pinhole camera or other wiretap equipment around you.
  • Electronic wave sensitivity adjusting:
  • LED indication. Adjust the sensitivity to high to make the detecting range wider.
  • Consumption current: 8mA
  • Optic Lens: professional IR lens
  • Receiving range: 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Dimension: 108mm x 48mm x 18mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 50g