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 The Latest and Smallest Mini Passive Tracking Bug in South Africa USB GPS passive tracking device (GPS recorder)360° GPS antennaProtective detachable rubber boot and magnetic mountVibration detector for long battery life16,000 waypoint memoryTemperature recorderIt’s the smallest Passive Tracker in its...
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 The Latest and Smallest Mini Passive Tracking Bug in South Africa

USB GPS passive tracking device (GPS recorder)
360° GPS antenna
Protective detachable rubber boot and magnetic mount
Vibration detector for long battery life
16,000 waypoint memory
Temperature recorder

It’s the smallest Passive Tracker in its class and has a new and improved GPS receiver with up to seven times more sensitivity than any other passive model.
The detachable weatherproof and shock resistant case, magnetic mount, and a small 31/2” figure make the Mini Tracking Bug ideal for covert deployment and use in harsh conditions.

Its traveled locations can be shown as a clear red line traced on satellite photos and 3D terrain using the latest mapping technologies from Google™ Earth, Microsoft™ Live, MapQuest™ and other internet based mapping programs.

The Mini Passive Tracker continuously records its exact route, stop times, speed, direction, altitude, and other valuable information, which can be quickly downloaded and viewed on your computer.
The integrated temperature recorder ensures that all aspects of its environment are being monitored.
A vibration detector, combined with proprietary low-power GPS technology makes the Mini Passive Tracker the longest running GPS tracker on the market.
Built-in lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in about an hour through your computer’s USB port.
No monthly fees are required and The  Manager, the most advanced tracking and geo-photo tagging software on the market, is provided via download.

**This unit does not give you live tracking information. The data needs to be downloaded first to be viewed.

Dimensions 3½” X 1½” X 3/8"
Storage 4Mb of flash memory records months of travel histories
Connection USB 2.0
Power Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Accessories Protective rubber boot, vehicle magnetic mount
Receiving signal L1 (1575.42MHZ) C/A Code
Positioning SPS autonomous
Horizontal accuracy 2.5 meters
Operating temperature -30° to 80° C (-22° to 176° F)
Maximun logged speed 300 km/hr (locations are still recorded above this speed)
Receiver channels 50



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