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Instructions for Wide Angle DIY Camera

If you have purchased one of custom wide angle DIY modules and are finding it hard to setup and use, follow the below guide for assistance! ​   Setup Guide for Wide Angle DIY Camera with Remote ​ please charge device for at least 8 hours 1. switch camera on. 2. hold remote on button for 5 seconds. device will vibrate. 3. then select your mode,...
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How to Setup a Spy Camera for Smartphones?

10 simple steps to setup your Spy Camera with Live Streaming. 1. Switch on and Fully Charge. Please make sure your spy device is on, it has been charged and your sd card has been inserted into the device.  2. Download FREE Spy App. ​ Open the manual that came with the device and look for the mobile app name to download. Download the free ...
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How to Setup my Spy Camera Pen?

How do I use the Spy Camera Pen ? Simply follow these Easy Steps to Setup your 007 Pen. ​ You need to do is charge your awesome New Spy Pen for at least 5 hours. Once fully charged. Locate the button on top of the Spy Pen, this is the ON/OFF button. Press and hold for +/- 5 seconds. A Blue LED will come on and then go off briefly. An orange LE...
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