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Settings for WiFi Spy Cameras and Nanny Cams


This is a Basic Universal Instruction Guide, for Spy Cameras and Nanny Cams using Mobile Apps for Smartphones!

1. Switch on and Fully Charge.

Please make sure your spy device is on, it has been charged (for 6 hours) and your sd card has been inserted into the device. 

2. Download FREE Spy Smartphone App.

Open the manual that came with the device and look for the mobile app name to download. Download the free app. 

3. Enable your Smartphone WiFi.

Access your smartphone settings and switch your smartphones wifi on, then disconnect from any and all current networks.

4. Search for Spy Device.

Go to your smartphones wifi and locate the devices name, then click on it to sync to the device (there will be no internet services).

5. Open Mobile App.

Once you have connected to the device, open the downloaded app (as the manual suggests).

6. Sync Spy Camera App and Spy Camera.

If the device is not already showing inside the app, you will need to add it to the app (while you are still synced).

7. Add or Scan the Spy Gadget.

Simply click the + button or search button, then enter in the name and password of the device or scan the sticker on the device.

8. Setup the Live Streaming and WiFi Sync.

Click on the gear cog or settings button, find internet / wifi settings. Click and enter in YOUR wifi router settings, save when complete (device reboots).

9. Restart App.

​Once connected, exit the mobile app and switch off your phones wifi. Restart mobile app and mobile wifi after 2 minutes.

10. Setup is Complete.

You are now connected LIVE to your Spy Camera or Nanny Cam.

Please do not change the password of your spy gadgets and if you do, please keep that password safe and written down somewhere.

If you happen to get locked out of the device by forgetting the password, we will not have that password and we can not assist you.

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