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How to Setup my Spy Camera Pen?


How do I use the Spy Camera Pen?

Simply follow these Easy Steps to Setup your 007 Pen.

  • You need to do is charge your awesome New Spy Pen for at least 5 hours.
  • Once fully charged. Locate the button on top of the Spy Pen, this is the ON/OFF button. Press and hold for +/- 5 seconds.
  • A Blue LED will come on and then go off briefly. An orange LED will remain glowing and now the device is in standby mode.

To take a Video.

  • ​Ensure the device is in standby mode and the mode switch is on the left.
  • Simply press the On/Off button once, the LED will go from Orange to Blue.
  • Blue means the device is now recording.
  • Press the On/Off button one more time, to stop recording.

To take Photos.

  • ​Ensure the device is in standby mode and the mode switch is on the right.
  • Simply press the On/Off switch once. The LED will stay orange but flash briefly once.
  • The brief orange flash this means a photo has been taken.

To Transfer Video Recordings or Photos.

  • ​Simply plug the USB port into your PC.
  • Select "Open to View Files or Folders"
  • Then "Right Click" which folder or file you wish to Transfer, select "Cut" and the "Paste" onto your PC.
  • By "Cutting" the Files or Folders from the Device, you are Freeing up much needed space. As well as keeping your recordings safe.

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Where are the buttons, switches, LEDs and usb on the Spy Pen?
  1. ​The On/Off switch is located on top of the pen and looks like a little button. Holding this down for 5 seconds will either switch it on or off.
  2. The only switch on the device is the mode switch. This is located under the 32GB sticker, by the usb port. Left = Video Mode and Right = Photo Mode.
  3. The LED's / lights are located above the 32 GB sticker, close to the On/Off button. See above for details about the colors and flashes.
  4. The usb port is located under the writing cap of the pen, which can be unscrewed like a normal pen. This is used to charge the device or transfer data.

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