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How to Set the Time Date Stamp?

How to Set the Time Date Stamp?

How do I Edit the Time and Date Stamp Settings on my Camera?

This Free Instruction Guide is for your Hidden Cams, Spy Cameras and Nanny Camera for Beginners.

First you will need to prepare the SD Card, by formatting the SD Card.

    1. Insert the SD Card into your Spy Camera or Nanny Camera.
    2. Switch the Camera on, ensure there is enough battery.
    3. Plug in the supplied USB cable, to device and your PC.
    4. Wait for your PC to recognize the device.
    5. Go to My Computer and Right Click the New addition.
    6. Click Format, wait a few seconds.
    7. Format Complete.

 Secondly, you will need to manually add the Time Stamp.

    1. Ensure your Device is still plugged into your PC.
    2. Double click the SD card.
    3. Once you're in the main root of the sd card.
    4. Right click and scroll to new.
    5. Select Text Document.
    6. Name the Text Document - Time

Double click Time and add the following formatted Time / Date - 2017.07.01 08.00.00 (or whatever the date is)

Your New Time Date Document should look like this (see left image).

Another Easy Setup option would be to Download the Software below, click "Free Time and Date Software".

Simply plug your device into your PC pr use an SD card reader, then double click the Spy Setup Software. 


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