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How do I Avoid being Scammed Online?


The Best 10 Security Tips.

1. Do some background research on the companies involved!
2. Check for social media profiles, reviews and dates on posts!

3. Request a registration number or VAT / tax number!
4. If there is a website, check for a "Meet the Team" page!
5. Check for any complaints, before paying for goods!
6. Save contact details and all emails!
7. Search for business listings and directories online!
8. Ask questions about the delivery and the products!
9. Always wait for the payment to clear!
10. Never release any stock until payment reflects in your bank account!

Never under estimate the power of social media, Spy Shop is on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter and Hello Peter.

If the company is legitimate, then they will always leave a social media paper trail whenever they've made a post!

The paper trail is basically our online history and you need this to ensure nothing dodgy has happened previously.

"We have had a few people / companies try and take chances with our company, they send fake PoP's and fake smses. Their websites are even dodgy and since then, we've started using a Local IT Company for Online Security Solutions".

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