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Black Friday Sale

The Best Black Friday Deals in South Africa!

Spy Camera Shop South Africa has the Lowest Prices on Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cams, Baby Monitors, Private Investigator Equipment and Mystery Shopper Gear!

Each Air Freshener Hidden Camera Model offers a variety of different features.

The Home Security Cameras are completely portable, with built in rechargeable batteries, custom DIY modules, 5MP cameras, wide angle lens, wireless communication and wireless data transfer, remote internet access, wifi router setup and sd card backup.

Our range of Nanny Cam Air Fresheners are totally Custom Designed and can take between 3 working days and 12 working days to complete. The time frame depends on the Mini Module pieces available, from the pc board, to the camera ribbon.

Contact one of our Spy Agents now, to find out more about our Black Friday Deals!

Wireless Spy Cameras

Black Friday 2018 Deals and Discounts at Spy Shop!

Spy Shop sells some of the Smallest Hidden Cameras and Voice Recorders in the World.

We have the Best Selection of Black Friday Spy Gadgets in South Africa, like these -

Spy Camera Sunglasses with Audio and Video Recording, one of our best Hidden Cams for the Adventurer, Cyclist and Outdoors type of spy.

Another Mini 007 Device available for Black Friday 2018, is the Mini Voice Recorder USB. Which is mostly used for capturing Audio files in a covert manner and in corporate meetings! The Small Spy Gadget looks like an everyday USB flash drive, but has a secret little mini microphone built in.

Our Small Spy Camera Button is the Smallest Body Worn Device with the Best Covert Cam in the World! The Mini Button Camera can take a 64 gig sd card, which is a massive memory boost. It also features motion detection and audio recording. The button camera gets its power from either a super powerful power bank or you can use a usb two pin charger.

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