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Spy Camera Scam

Spy Camera Scam

LR-EVP730, LR-M11, LR-ML720, LR-780, LR-F17L, BN 25NT, BN 225Z​ Focus Cameras

Internet Fraud and Scammers Online

The Latest Security Scam is about an Indoor IP Camera that seems to be under the Spy Scam Alert for well over a year now.

The Scammers claim these CCTV IP Cameras are mostly used within Clinics, Doctors rooms and rarely used as a Nanny Camera but seems to be getting a lot more attention than my most popular Spy Gadgets.

So i decided to write this Spy Shop Blog and started doing some investigating into this, as someone is creating tenders and sending them out over the last 16 months or so. 

How do the Online Scammers Operate? How does the LR Scam Work?
They claim their website www.digitalsecurityservices.co.za has these in stock and they inform you to check the link on the Tender.

Tender Requests are not meant to suggest where to start looking for the Tender Quote, they are not allowed to influence your purchase.

After doing some checking, i have found that whoever creates these tenders, is also creating a few fake websites.

One or two for the tender origin and then one or two that would claim to stock the LR-EVP730, LR-M11, LR-ML720, LR-780, LR-F17L IP Camera and BN 25NT, BN 225Z​ Focus Cameras, all in the name of creating a fake paper trail. 

The Scammers are using "Government Credentials" and "Government Logos", which would make it seem much more legitimate. Yet, if you look closely, the logos are all blurry and the actual text is far too bold.

​© Spy Shop South Africa

Trust me when i say, "No one has the finance or warehouse space to stock 175 IP Cameras that cost $300 each, which just so happen to be in stock for this tender".

Come on now, think about it logically.

They then make the tender publicly known and also post the info on various tender websites,requesting 90 to 200 LR-EVP730, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 Cameras and at the same time, inform everyone there is a very tight time constraint.

This will then put pressure onto the companies and individuals that have accepted or applied for the tender and this forces them to overlook a few security issues and not do any background checking on where the tender came from.

Most of the individuals and companies i have been dealing with, don't even know what the camera looks like!

Which is extremely shocking, as it shows a serious lack of research and the willingness to believe anyone's BS! STOP being a GLUTTON for PUNISHMENT!

They will then make the honest mistake of paying for the 90 to 200 LR-EVP730, LR-M11, LR-ML720, LR-780, LR-F17L IP Cameras and, BN 25NT, BN 225Z​ Focus Cameras, (which would cost in the region of +/- R300,000,00) to the fake website that "stocks" the Indoor IP Camera and forget about their money clearing from the fake website where the tender came from.

We do not keep the LR-EVP730, LR-F17L, LR-M11 and LR-ML720 in stock at our Spy Gadget Warehouse in South Africa, as they they have been made up by the Scam Artists.

© James Johnson, Owner and Manger of Spy Shop South Africa

I have looked online more over the last 12 months and can't find the original websites, they are basically starting new websites and deleting them faster than fast food.

Obviously, only after they've managed to score big, they will then close down their websites, then they will vanish into hibernation for another year!

If there were Cameras available to purchase, this process will take +/- 4 weeks to arrive, due to customs and international import inspections.

This is just some friendly Free Advice from Spy Shop SA (we've been online for +/- 8 years now).

Don't forget - If you suspect something dodgy AF is happening, then it probably is and it's a scam!

We are Registered and Legitimate Security Camera Suppliers and the above mentioned do not exist on planet earth!

Anything else, simply contact one of our Online Spy Agents or feel free to browse us online everywhere -

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Please Contact Spy Shop South Africa for a FREE Quote.

Happy Safe Shopping Online!

Latest Update - These are the two current scam tenders - As you can see, the name "Samuel Abrams" hasn't changed and the spelling is wrong (attached). 

Update -  23/08/2017

New Scam involving DOT - Department of Transport logos and info, requesting quotes for security cameras. See PDF below.

File Name: department-of-transport-DOT-security-camera-scam-south-africa-spy-shop
File Size: 1.9 mb
Download File
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