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Top 10 Hidden Cameras

Top 10 Hidden Cameras

The Best Hidden Cameras for Amatuer and Professional Spies in South Africa.

This is The Easiest Way to Catch a Cheating Lover.

The Top 10 Covert Security Equipment

1. The PIR Hidden Spy Camera for Android Smartphones and iPhones.

Designed for Smartphones, includes Live Portable Viewing direct to your Mobile Device.

Night vision up to 15 meters and Motion detection and is the Best Nanny Camera.

 2. The Wireless Spy Camera Pen with Live Streaming.

This Latest Video and Voice Recording Pen has got Wireless Internet Connection

HD Camera, Free Mobile App and Live Remote Viewing.

 3. The Mini Portable Spy Camera with Night Vision and WiFi.

Designed for iPhone and Android Smartphones, Free mobile app and Night vision sensors.

Live Remote Control and Live Video Recording.

4. The Smallest Tracking Device for Children, the Kids Tracker Watch.

Features Two Way Audio, Live Tracking Mobile App and SOS.

One of the Best Anti Bullying Gadgets in South Africa. 

5. The Mini Body Worn Spy Camera Button.

The Smallest Hidden HD Button Cam with Motion Detection.

Can Record for up to 12 hours and up to 16 hours standby time. 

6. The Mini Magnetic Spy Tracking Bug with Built in Audio Feedback.

Free 12 Months Subscription, Free Mobile App, Free 12 Months Support, GSM Quad Band

Tracks Fuel Consumption, Time and Date History, Buses, Cars, Trucks, Tractors. 

7. The 007 Spy Camera Glasses with Voice Recording.

The Cheapest Spy Eye-wear with Video Recorder and Audio Record.

SD Card slot and mini usb port.

8. The Spy Camera Pen with Video Recorder and Voice Recording.

The Cheapest Spy Pen with built in FREE 32 Gig SD Card.

Photo Mode and Video Recording Mode.

9. The 007 Covert Spy Camera Watch for Beginner Spies.

This is our Most Affordable Body Worn Spy Watch.

Audio Recording, Built in Memory and a Video Recorder. 

10. The Smallest USB Voice Recorder

Built in Memory, Long Life Battery

The Best Portable Audio Recording Device in South Africa.

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