Mini WiFi Keylogger

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The Mini WiFi Keylogger is an ultra-small USB keylogger, only 0.8″ (20 mm) in length. It can be accessed with any Wi-Fi device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone remotely.

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Mini WiFi Keylogger

Mini WiFi Keylogger Features

  • Records keystrokes from any USB keyboard
  • 16MB internal flash memory
  • 100% stealthy, undetectable for security software
  • Supports over 40 national keyboard layouts
  • Compatible with barcode readers
  • Works as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Connect from any computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Access data from web browser, no software or app necessary
  • Retrieve data remotely without touching the device
  • Simple and clear WWW interface
  • Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 network security
  • Memory protected by hardware encryption

Applications for the Mini WiFi Keylogger

  • Observe WWW, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees
  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Protect your child from on-line hazards and predators
  • Save a copy of typed text
Spy Shop SA PTY LTD does not take responsibility for any damage, harm or legal actions caused by misuse of it’s products, including this website and all information and software herein contained. It is the user’s responsibility to obey all effective laws in his/her country, which may prohibit usage of keyloggers and/or covert surveillance equipment, spy products. Please check with a legal representative for requirements in your country.

The usage of a keylogger is fully legal as long as a clear notice is displayed, informing the user of the monitored equipment about the presence of a keystroke logger. We encourage the use of this equipment only for the purpose of monitoring your own computer, especially for protecting children against online hazards. It is NOT LEGAL to use a keylogger for the purpose of intercepting third party data etc. If in doubt, please seek legal advice before using a keystroke logger.

The sale of these units are intended for parental control and employee monitoring ONLY!
We will not be held accountable for your actions, should you choose to use the Keylogger for illegal activities and you land in jail.
If local authorities request our keylogger client list, we will oblige and give it to them. As you have been warned!




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