Setup Guide for Wireless Cameras

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Setup Guide for Wireless Cameras

Free Setup Guide for WiFi Nanny Cams and Wireless Spy Cameras with Internet Connection for Smartphones.

    First you will need to download the mobile app. Search your app store for:

      • Android APP: “iminicam, bvcam or hdminicam” or “v380, v380s”. Depends on device purchased.
      • Iphone APP: “iminicam, bvcam or hdmini cam” or “v380, v380s”. Depends on device purchased.
      • Please check your manual for the correct app to download, for that specific device.

      WiFi Wireless Smartphone Apps Guide
      Memory: If your camera uses external memory, like an sd card: PLEASE make sure it is a Class 10 memory card. Class 10 is for High definition video recorders, which is also high speed. If you use the most common and the cheapest Class 4 memory card in the HD camera, your video recordings will become unreadable aka corrupt. The sd card must be formatted and inserted as well, before the device can be used.

      Battery: If your camera has a rechargeable battery, please make sure the device has been charged for at least 8 hours and has been switched on (on/off switch).

      Reset: When you’ve switched on your camera, you must reset the device to factory settings before connecting your phone or laptop. Hold the reset button on the device for 10 seconds, which reboots the device. When the device reboots after 60 seconds +/-, there will be LEDs flashing, usually green, blue or red. This simply means the power is on and the wifi module is searching to connect.

      WiFi Connecting: This step is very important, as a lot of clients do not connect their phone to the device first through the phones wifi settings and then believe the device is faulty. This is not the case, as you need to go to your smartphones Wifi settings (where you usually connect to any wifi router) and find the device name, usually a long alphanumeric name (as below). You are basically syncing your phone to the device, so the mobile app can communicate with the device through the mobile app!

      wifi wireless smartphone apps guide 1 large
      Then connect your phone wifi to the device through your wifi settings. You will notice the smartphone will say ‘no internet / no internet connection’, this is normal as the device is not a wifi router but simply a middleman to your router.

      Mobile App Connecting: Then open the downloaded app and you will see the device will automatically load itself into the app (as below). This WILL ONLY work if you have synced your phone to the device, as mentioned above! If the device does not load itself into the app, then you have not completed the above step.

      Setup Guide for Smartphone Cameras
      Live Viewing Direct: Once the device has been loaded into the mobile app, you can now video stream live or to listen in live through the app. Simply click on the camera that’s been loaded and you will be asked if you would like to change the password (as below).

      Password Change
      Password: We suggest you avoid any password changes at all costs, simply because if the password is lost, there is no master reset and no one can access the device again. Unless you can either remember the password, or can store it somewhere!

      Live Viewing Remotely: If you would like to watch your live camera footage from another location, you will need to have a wifi / wireless internet router at the place where the camera has been setup or where the camera will be used! As your wifi router is the gateway for the camera, without connecting your camera to your router, you will not have remote access or live remote viewing! Settings: once you’ve completed the above correctly and your device is showing ‘online’, click the wheel / gear cog on the right side (as below)

      WiFi Router Settingsgear cog large

      From the setting menu, select advanced config (usually at the bottom).

      WiFi Router Setup

      WiFi Router Setup: Then click WiFi Config and locate your wifi routers name, click your router and enter the password for that specific router. Your device will now reboot and after 60 / 90 seconds, it will come back online and will be synced to your router. This will now give you remote viewing from ANYWHERE!

      Camera Reboot

      Then you can proceed to enter the balance of the settings in the mobile app for the camera to function correctly, start by selecting the gear cog, advanced config:

      Alarm Config: This means Motion Detection Alarm (I usually set mine at 2 or 3).

        1. Motion detection sensitivity: 1 = Highest, meaning most sensitive. 7 = Lowest, meaning least sensitive.
        2. Alarm Schedule: This is if you would like the motion detection to begin at a certain time. You manually enter the time frame.
        3. Warning tone: This is for mobile app alerts and becomes quite annoying, I switch mine off.
        4. Alarm interval: Also for mobile alerts, which will be switched off, if the above is off.
        5. Push notifications: This is also for mobile app alerts, switch off as well.
        6. On Screen display: Mobile app alerts, switch off.

      WiFi Config: We have set this already and you only need to do wifi settings, if you want live remote viewing. If not, then do not set wifi.

        1. It is highly recommended to first do wifi and then the balance of the settings, as when the device reboots, it resets settings!

      SD Card: This is to tell the device what mode to save and how to record footage.

        1. If your sd card is inserted, you will see the amount of space available from the sd card.
        2. Record: This is the record mode you want the device to record video.
      1. Close: means no recording.
      2. On alarm: means motion detection, select this option.
      3. All day: means non-stop recording, do not select this option, as this will run the battery flat very quickly.
      4. Timing record: select a specific time of the day you want to do non-stop recording.
      5. Resolution: Video recording resolution.
      6. 1080P: full HD, supreme quality but extremely large file sizes and will be difficult to playback via wifi.
      7. 720P: HD, great quality, large file size as well and may buffer a bit when playing back.
      8. 640P and 480P: low resolution and actually great quality, small file sizes and quick playback via wifi.
      9. File length: this is the file size per video, whether its motion detection or full record. 3 minutes is standard and a great time frame.

      PS: The device rarely gets hot if the video length is 3 minutes, making this more will put strain on the device and it will get too hot.

        1. Record sound: this will record audio with your video, but the sound will be a little soft.
        2. Loop recording: this means when the sd card is full, the device will record over old footage and keep recording.

      I leave this on, as its not often the sd card becomes full on motion detection and low res video recording.

      When you happy with any settings, always click ‘ok’ to save and exit.

      The balance of the settings are not important, unless you want to be notified via email or save footage to the server (if the option is there). These settings are quite a mission to setup and rather leave alone, if you don’t know how to setup.

      Playback Recordings / View Photos:

      Playback Video Recordings

      At the bottom of the app screen, you will noticed there are four icons:

      1. Live Video: This is the default view, which you see at the moment.
      2. Snapshot: This is where all your live viewing snapshots / photos are.
      3. Record: This is where all your video recordings are stored.
      4. Alarm: This is where your motion detection images are stored.

      To replay video recordings, simply click: Record icon

      1. Record is video recordings.
      2. Alarm is photos on motion detection.

      Once you click ‘record’, a few more options will pop up. These options are where you want to view the saved recordings from. There is:

      1. Local (which means phone memory).
      2. Remote sd card (which is the spy device memory card).
      3. Downloading (what you currently saving from the spy device).
      4. Downloaded (what you’ve already saved).

      Simply select one option you want to view, or download.

      1. To download from the device memory: Simply press the selected video for about 3 seconds and the option to download or delete will pop up.
      2. To view: Simply press the selected video (once) and it will play. Please give the device some time to playback, as it is streaming from the device to your phone and may take up to 5 seconds or more before any video begins to play. This is due to file size and wifi speed.

      Remember: If you are unable to find the device name in your wifi list of connections, please reset the device. The reset button is usually underneath or on the back of the device. While the device is on, hold the reset button in for 10 seconds and the leds will go off and 90 seconds later, it will factory reset and start with fresh settings.

      Contact the spy support team, if you need further assistance.

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      Update: New WiFi Camera App released “HD Mini Cam Pro”, which seems to be a universal smartphone app. Meaning dozens of wireless nanny cams and spy cameras with wifi will work within this app. Simply follow the above instructions and download “HD Mini Cam Pro” to test. It offers loads more features than previous versions.

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