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Bug Detection Gear - Mini .. Product #: Bug-Detection-Gear-Mini based on 0 reviews Regular price: $1,650.00 $1,650.00

Bug Detection Gear - Mini

Product Code: Bug-Detection-Gear-Mini

Price: R1650.00

The Spy Shop's Entry Level Anti Bug Detection Gear, is the Best Anti Spy Device for Beginner Level Bugs


Laser detection camera from 10cm-10m (visually recognizable red light flashing)
Radio detection of camera range 5cm-10m (the decision to transmit power from the camera)
500mw-200mw power in the detection range 30-50cm
300mw-600mw power in the detection range 100-200cm
Power at 800mw - 1200mw detection range 300cm-1000cm
Power built-in lithium polymer battery 450mah
Current consumption 8Mh
Probe laser wavelength of 920nm
Receiving frequency range 1MHz-6500MHz
Special dedicated optical lens filter
Material ABS
Size: 93mm * 48mm * 17mm
Weight: 58g
Host will prompt your body automatically detects the danger.
Detection modes: a laser probe 2 vibration (silent) 3 beep detection probe detection 4.LED display 5. Headphone mute detection
Low-voltage promptsa nd built-in rechargeable battery
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