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Cube Spy Camera Clock for Smartphones The Latest Cube Spy Camera Digital Clock with Night Vision, Designed for Android and iPhone Smartpho.. Product #: SSA-CLO-111 based on 2 reviews Regular price: R1650.00 R1650.00

Cube Spy Clock for Smartphones

Model: SSA-CLO-111

Price: R1650.00

The Latest Cube Spy Camera Digital Clock with Night Vision, Designed for Android and iPhone Smartphones!

Wi-Fi direct monitoring / live audio and video streaming
Micro SD card up to 64GB (not included)
Install Mobile App and monitor via your phone
Super night vision with hidden infrared leds

Brief Specifications

Size: 80 x 80 x 80mm Cubed
Image: HD 720P(1280 x 720), up to 1080P (optional) with H.264 stream.
Battery: rechargeable lithium battery, can work 3.5 hours / up to 7 hours on motion detection.
Mobile App Setting / options: Wireless WIFI setting, Video flip, Recording resolution setting, Motion detection, Email alarm, Infrared.

Micro SD: Support Micro SD storage (up to 64G)
Viewing angle: 90°
Night vision: Night vision distance up to 5 meters.
System requirements: IOS 6.0 or highter or Android device with version 4.0 or higher.
Connection: WiFi Connection, Quick WiFi Setup.
Multi-user: About 4  users

(Model may vary)

1 x Cube Clock Hidden Camera

1 x AC Wall Charger

1 x USB cable

1 x Instruction Manual

WiFi Spy Camera Step by Step Instructions / Setup Guide for Wireless Nanny Cams

Download FREE Mobile App. Visit our Software Page!

Android APP: “iminicam, bvcam or hdminicam” or “v380, v380s”. Depends on device purchased.

Iphone APP: “iminicam, bvcam or hdmini cam” or “v380, v380s”. Depends on device purchased.

Please check your manual for the correct app to download, for that specific device.

wifi mobile app for smartphones

Insert SD Card and Charge Device

The sd card must be inserted as well, before the device is switched on and must be formatted.

Then make sure the device has been charged for 6 hours and has been switched on (on/off switch).

Connecting Devices

There will be two LEDs flashing, blue is power, red is wifi module and will flash when searching (depends on the device).

Then go to the phone settings WIFI and find the device name, usually a long alphanumeric name (as below).

wifi spy camera settings

Then connect your phone wifi to the device wifi. You will notice the device will say ‘no internet’, this is normal as the device is not a wifi router.

Then open the downloaded app and you will see the device will load itself into the app automatically (as below).

wifi spy camera settings 1

Once the device has been loaded, you can connect direct to the device to video stream.

As soon as you do, you will be asked if you would like to change the password (as below).

wifi spy camera settings 2

I suggest you avoid any password changes at all costs, simply because if the password is lost, there is no master reset and no one can access the device again.

What we’ve done now, is simply sync your phone and the device directly.

If you would like to setup the device for remote live viewing from anywhere, please see below.

Go back to the main window / device select window (as below).

wifi spy camera settings 3

Then click the gear cog / settings cog on the right of the alphanumeric name.

wifi spy camera settings 4

Select Advanced Config.

You will then be taken to your setup menu, which looks like this (as below).

wifi spy camera settings 5

Select WiFi Config and click SSID drop down box / wifi routers available.

You will need to locate your wifi router name you ant the spy device to connect to, then enter in the password.

Click ‘OK’ once you have entered in the correct password. The device / app will ask if you want to reboot, select ‘yes’ or ‘ok’.

wifi spy camera settings 6

The device will now automatically reboot itself and when it does, it will disconnect from your phones wifi settings (we started with).

The complete reboot takes between 1 minute and 3 minutes and during this time, the device will show ‘offline’ in the app.

Once the device has rebooted, you will notice the device say ‘online’ (as below).

wifi spy camera settings 7

Then you can proceed to enter the balance of the settings, as listed below.

  • Alarm Config: This means Motion Detection Alarm (I usually set mine at 2 or 3).
  • Motion detection sensitivity: 1 = Highest, meaning most sensitive. 7 = Lowest, meaning least sensitive.
  • Alarm Schedule: This is if you would like the motion detection to begin at a certain time. You manually enter the time frame.
  • Warning tone: This is for mobile app alerts and becomes quite annoying, I switch mine off.
  • Alarm interval: Also for mobile alerts, which will be switched off, if the above is off.
  • Push notifications: This is also for mobile app alerts, switch off as well.
  • On Screen display: Mobile app alerts, switch off.

WiFi Config:

  • We have set this already and you only need to do wifi settings, if you want live remote viewing. If not, then do not set wifi.
  • It is highly recommended to first do wifi and then the balance of the settings, as when the device reboots, it resets settings!

SD Card: This is to tell the device what mode to save and how to record footage.

If your sd card is inserted, you will see the amount of space available from the sd card.

Record: This is the record mode you want the device to record video.

  • Close: means no recording.
  • On alarm: means motion detection, select this option.
  • All day: means non-stop recording, do not select this option, as this will run the battery flat very quickly.
  • Timing record: select a specific time of the day you want to do non-stop recording.

Resolution: Video recording resolution.

  • 1080P: Full HD, supreme quality but extremely large file sizes and will be difficult to playback via wifi.
  • 720P: HD, great quality, large file size as well and may buffer a bit when playing back.
  • 640P and 480P: low resolution and actually great quality, small file sizes and quick playback via wifi.

File length: this is the file size per video, whether its motion detection or full record. 3 minutes is standard and a great time frame.

  • The device rarely gets hot if the video length is 3 minutes, making this more will put strain on the device and it will get too hot.

Record sound: this will record audio with your video, but the sound will be a little soft.

Loop recording: this means when the sd card is full, the device will record over old footage and keep recording.

  • I leave this on, as its not often the sd card becomes full on motion detection and low res video recording.

When you happy with any settings, always click ‘ok’ to save and exit.

  • The balance of the settings are not important, unless you want to be notified via email or save footage to the server (if the option is there).
  • These settings are quite a mission to setup and rather leave alone, if you don’t know how to setup.

To view recorded footage:

Simply click: Record or Alarm.

  • Record is video recordings.
  • Alarm is photos on motion detection.

Once you click ‘record’, a few more options will pop up. These options are where you want to view the saved recordings from. There is:

  • Local (which means phone memory).
  • Remote sd card (which is the spy device memory card).
  • Downloading (what you currently saving from the spy device).
  • Downloaded (what you’ve already saved).

Simply select one option you want to view, or download.

  • To download from the device memory: Simply press the selected video for about 3 seconds and the option to download or delete will pop up.
  • To view: Simply press the selected video (once) and it will play.
    • Please give time to playback, as it is streaming from the device to your phone and may take up to 5 seconds or more.
    • This is due to file size and wifi speed.

Contact the spy support team, if you have nay issues or need further assistance.

cube digital spy camera clock durban

Streaming Resolution: 640P, 720P or 1080P HD (1920x1080)
Recorded Video Format: ASF or AVI. Depends on model
Power Supply:Battery Power or AC Power
Battery Life: 4 Hours on a Full Charge, on motion detection
Recording Modes: Motion Detection, Specific time recording
Viewing Angle: 90 Degrees
Recording Resolution: 640P Low Resolution, 720P HD (optional)
Storage Type: Micro SD Card / MAX 64gb, not included
File Size: 1GB = 50 min
Time/Date Stamp: Yes, with mobile app
Phone Compatibility: iPhone and Android ONLY!
Smartphone App: Yes, depends on model / BVCAM, iMiniCam etc
Remote Control: Yes, with mobile app
Morgan Thsepo on 18-08-2018 02:12 PM
hallo. i bought this clock camera about 1 week ago, to monetor my kids at home when am at work. was a very good desision for me and my wife, it is a very good camera
Jill Russo on 20-08-2018 01:05 PM
What a pleasant camera to use, easy to setup and operate. Thanks to Spy Shop Support Team!
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