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Tracking Device for Smartphones The Best Spy Tracking Device in South Africa, is Completely Wireless and Portable, with FREE Mobile .. Product #: SSA-TRA-114 based on 3 reviews Regular price: R2650.00 R2650.00

Wireless Tracking Device for Smartphones

Model: SSA-TRA-114

Price: R2650.00

The Best Spy Tracking Device in South Africa, is Completely Wireless and Portable, with FREE Mobile App for Smartphones.

  • Geo-fence
  • Vibration alarm
  • Voice monitoring / built in audio bug
  • With high intense magnet in its rear cover
  • NEW Improved BIGGER Battery with longer standby time
  • SOS emergency alarm
  • Power-saving mode and avoid static drifting

The NEW Improved Spy Tracker, you can Track your Cheating Lover, Track your Children, Track your Car!

ICASA Approved. No Contract Required.

Instant Purchase BONUS =

  • 12 Months FREE Subscription to the Tracking Website and Tracking App.
  • 12 Months Warranty.
  • 12 Months FREE Support.

Please follow the below easy setup instructions, to activate the tracking device.

Website address - Supplied by Spy Shop Support Team

Login - Supplied by Spy Shop Support Team

Password - Supplied by Spy Shop Support Team

When your device has been charged for at least 8 hours, has been switched on and sim card inserted, with data and airtime.


Sms the following commands EXACTLY as you see them below and in this order (wait 5 minutes between smses), to the tracking device / new sim card number -

1.            FACTORY#

2.            APN,internet#

3.            SERVER,1,device.protrack365.com,8841,0#

*Please make sure you have data and airtime loaded onto the new sim card you are using.

*Please also make sure your tracker is near a window or outside, for clearer sight to the satellite.

*Please allow +/- 5 minutes between each sms to the device and allow +/- 1 hour after completion to be activated.

If your tracking device is still offline, please contact our support team!

GSM :850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
GSM antenna :Quad band
GPRS :Class12
GPS SiRF Star:/LT or u-blox 6
GPS Channels :20
Tracking sensitivity :-159dBm/-160dBm
Aquisition sensitivity: -144dBm/-147dBm
Locating time cost: Hot start:
Warm start: 35 sec on average
Cold start: 35 sec on average(open sky)
GPS antenna Built-in high sensitive omni antenna
LED indicators three LED indicators GPS-blue GSM-green Power-red
Button SOS button
Battery :3.7vDC/ 2600mAh
Weight: 100g
Dimesion :91.5(L)×57.0(W)×23.0(H)mm

Mandla on 20-08-2018 01:23 PM
I got these trackers for my Uber business and I must say I am beyond impressed. This is a great product.
Kai on 20-08-2018 01:29 PM
The best part about this tracker is that I can move it from one car to the next without relying on a tracking company. Plus there is no monthly payments :-)
Lucia on 21-08-2018 06:43 AM
I love this tracker. Best thing is that there's no monthly payments and no complicated wires to connect. All I do is stick it underneath the car and that's it.
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