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PIR Spy Motion Camera PIR Motion Activated Spy Nanny Camera * Image Sensor: CMOS* Video:  -Resolution: 640x480  -FPS: 15 .. Product #: SSA-PIR-117 based on 0 reviews Regular price: R3350.00 R3350.00

PIR Spy Camera with Motion Light

Model: SSA-PIR-117

Price: R3350.00

PIR Motion Activated Spy Nanny Camera

* Image Sensor: CMOS
* Video:
  -Resolution: 640x480
  -FPS: 15
  -Recording Format: AVI
  -Recording Duration: Constant recording in 10 second files
  -Recording File Size: 4MB for a 10 second recording
* Audio: YES, effective recording up to 10 meters
* Night Vision: YES, 34 LED lights effective up to 15 meters
* Memory: -Internal: None -External: Up to 32GB TF/Micro SD Card (not included) with auto-overwrite
* Transfer Interface: Mini USB
* Power: 100-240V AC Adapter
* Dimensions:
  Camera Body: Length: 12.5cm, radius: 1.8cm
  Lamp Body: 4.3cm, radius: 4.1cm
Product Notes:

* Records when motion/heat source is detected
* Includes a big lamp with 34 LED lights for recording at night
* Supports up to 32GB TF micro SD card
* Auto-overwrites when the memory is full
* Records in 10 second files to save memory - immediately starts recording again when reactivated

Package Contents:

* Intruder Deterrent
* CD with Drivers
* Mini USB Cable
* Mounting Bracket
* Mounting Screws
* Power Adapter
* User Manual


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