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Wireless CCTV Security System  The Latest Wireless CCTV Cameras and Receiver Security System in South Africa Miniature design m.. Product #: SSA-CC-161 based on 0 reviews Regular price: R6350.00 R6350.00

Wireless CCTV Security System

Model: SSA-CC-161

Price: R6350.00

 The Latest Wireless CCTV Cameras and Receiver Security System in South Africa

  • Miniature design makes hiding cameras easy
  • Utilizes fast 2.4Ghz technology to stream images
  • Wirelessly stream video up to 80m
  • Wireless cctv nanny cameras with night vision
  • Works with all versions of the Windows operating system
  • 4 channel security system
  • Camera models may vary

Installs in just minutes. 
Send e-mail attachments with image.
Save images on hard drive. 
Sound alarm. 
Video signal filter, for filtrate active and invalid channels. 
Signal lost alarm. 
Motion detection. 
Adjust sensitivity.
Automatically lock, while not operating. 
Schedule monitoring sessions, for timer snap. 
Record video/audio (with USB 2.0 audio interface), snap shot. 
Automatic space management, stop recorder or capture still automatically on disk full. 
Supports 4 channel video input on computer for PIP (ALLOWS YOU TO VIEW UP TO 4 CHANNELS AT ONE TIME). 
Supports on screen display. Displays date and time or channel description on video. 
Supports manual open/close invalid channel or add delete channel description.
Supports log in and log out, by user name and password. 
Supports running background stealthy.
Supports video playback.
System Contains:

1 x Sleek Professional Gray Receiver. 
4 x Weatherproof Wireless Cameras. 
1 x Power Adapter for Receiver. 
4 x Power Adapters for Cameras. 
4 x Antennas for Receiver (installed on receiver). 
5 x Audio/Video Cables. 
1 x Instruction Manual for Wireless Camera System.
1 x 4 channel USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio. 
1 x USB Cable. 
1 x Software CD (Driver and MultiViewer Application). 
1 x Printable User Manual for MultiViewer Application. 
1 x Quick Install Guide for USB 2.0 Adapter.

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