4G GPS Tracker

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The Latest 4G GPS Tracker with 20000mah built in battery for 6 months standby time, which is faster and more accurate than other trackers!

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SIM card + setup + airtime + data


Latest 4G GPS Tracker is faster and more accurate than other trackers!

Dimension: 80mm x 50mm x 40mm
Weight: 500g
GPS Chipset: MDM9607
Battery: 20000mAh – rechargeable
Operating time: 1 month to 6 months (depends on settings)

Battery charging: minimum 48 hours on 5v/1a charger or 24 hours on 5v/2a fast charger
I/O Port: USB Port
Standby Current: ≦2.5mAh
GPS Sensitivity: -159dB
GPS Accuracy: ≦10m
Working Environment Temperature:-20℃+70℃
Working Environment Humidity: 5%-95%RH

Requires activated sim card to function (not included)
PS: limited free support offered
Audio: Voice monitoring is available but does drain the battery! Use this feature mindfully!

Smartphone App available for:
GPSONE Android
You will need to login to your app store and check compatibility before ordering!
If you order the device and the app is not compatible, you are liable for return fees!
Login details are unique to each tracker, details on or in the product box.

The 4G GPS Tracker battery life explained:

20000mah with standby current of 2.5mah. Standby time is calculated with 2 hours minimum live viewing in the app.
20000mah divided by 2.5mah = 8000 hours = 333 days standby time.

Working current is 60mah. Working time is calculated with maximum 24 hours live viewing in the app.
20000mah divided by 60mah = 333 hours = 13 days working time.

Voice recording current is 60mah. Voice recording is activated in the app. Switch off to save battery.
20000mah divided by 60mah = 333 hours = 13 days working time.

PLEASE NOTE: if you use both voice recorder and live viewing = 120mah
20000mah divided by 120mah = 166 hours = 7 days working time.

Update: please contact us to verify stock availability.
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