Air Freshener Spy Camera

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New Air Freshener Spy Camera with wifi for Smartphones with Free 32GB, Free Mobile App and Free Support! Features include HD 1080P video recording with audio, motion detection and motion trigger alarm, p2p direct sync or wifi router syncing for remote streaming. Model WILL vary according to available air freshener housing available!

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SD cards for video recorders ONLY*


New Air Freshener Spy Camera with WiFi for Smartphones, Free Mobile App and Free Support!

  • Connect to mobile phone via mobile app
  • P2P + wifi internet streaming (depending on model)
  • 1080P HD (depends on module available).
  • Support 24-hour plugin power, for 24/7 monitoring
  • Loop recording
  • Remote monitoring (direct sync or router)
  • Memory: SD card 32gb (included), 64gb max
  • motion detection mode
  • Records audio and video
  • Mobile app remote access and control
  • Set time to start recording
  • Live streaming mode (direct sync or remote viewing)
  • Save files to mobile or device sd card
  • Take photos while streaming
  • Set video recording quality via mobile app: 720P / 1080P
  • 2000 mAh lithium battery: 2 hours to 20 hours working time, depending on settings

Take Note: The Air Freshener Spy Camera design can take 3 hours to complete, depending on stock available

  • depending on model of module, some allow for internet/router connection for live streaming.
  • air freshener housing model varies, contact us to verify what model is available

Update: please contact us to verify stock availability.

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