Fidget Spinner

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The Cheapest Fidget Hand Spinner in South Africa, with built in LEDS. A great stress relieving tool.

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The Cheapest Fidget Hand Spinners in South Africa!

  • It helps increase focus & concentration and also effective for when you are deep in thought.
  • Great for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism and quitting bad habits
  • Helps relieve stress and good for killing time while waiting for something or someone
  • Suitable for Adults and Children
  • Pocket sized for travelling and convinience
  • Perfect for keeping busy while passing the time or just playing around

How To Use:

  • Hard Tap to Activate LEDs (Multi-Colour LEDs ONLY)
  • Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly with small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely.
  • With practice you can spin it using one hand only with the fingers to start and stop spinner
    • In Box:

1 x Fidget Hand LED Spinner


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