Mini GSM Voice Recorder

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Mini GSM Voice Recorder and Live Listening.

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New Mini GSM Voice Recorder

The Worlds Smallest Mini GSM Voice Recorder with Voice Activation.

  • GSM 2G 850/900/1800/1900 Sim card
  • Set master number
  • Voice Monitor, Voice Trigger, Voice Recording
  • Support SD Card
  • Vibrate Alarm
  • Support IE Server & App & SMS Control

SMS Codes to device / command settings

  • 000#phone#  (Set master number)
  • 111(Voice Recording to SD Card)
  • 222  (Voice Trigger Recording)
  • 333  (Voice Trigger Alarm)
  • 555  (Close ALL function)
  • 666  (Vibrate SMS Alarm)
  • 777  (Vibrate Call Alarm)
  • 999  (message tracker)

Contact Details:
Whatsapp: 0635029194


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