Mini Pocket Anti Spy Detectors

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New Mini Anti Spy Bug Detector, to Pick Up Signals from Audio Bugs and Cameras. Scans and Locates Hidden Spyware. Frequency Range: 1MHz-6500MHz

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Mini Pocket Anti Spy Detectors with 6500mhz range, camera lens locator, radio frequency finder, built in battery, completely portable, optical filter, and mini sized for covert counter surveillance.

Used to locate gsm bugs, trackers & spying tools in your car, home and office!

  • detection from 10cm-10m
  • Radio detection of camera range 5cm-10m
  • 500mw-200mw power in the detection range 30-50cm
  • 300mw-600mw power in the detection range 100-200cm
  • Power at 800mw – 1200mw detection range 300cm-1000cm
  • Power built-in lithium polymer battery 450mah
  • Current consumption 8Mh
  • Probe laser wavelength of 920nm
  • Receiving frequency range 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Special dedicated optical lens filter
  • Material ABS
  • Size: 93mm * 48mm * 17mm
  • Weight: 58g
  • Detection modes: probe 2 vibration (silent) 3 beep detection probe detection 4.LED display 5. Headphone mute detection
  • Low-voltage prompt
  • built-in rechargeable battery




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