Motion Activated Alarm Beams

with Waterproof Photoelectric Beams, Outdoor 100m Range, Active Infrared Detector, 50000 LUX anti glare and auto weather sensor built in, weatherproof and auto optics built in.

  • Anti-glare up to 50,000 LUX
  • built-in automatic adjustment filtering system
  • Unique optical design
  • Optical glass, beam penetrates the special multi-layer anti-environment
  • Automatic sensitivity weather
  • Optional dual focusing lens to achieve a large-diameter light beam
  • Automatic environment recognition circuit (EDC)
  • avoid reflective interference modular
  • Horizontal / vertical optical angle easy to adjust, easy to calibrate
  • High levels of resistance to RFI / EMI capability
  • Unique digital filter circuit design
  • 99% photographic margin
  • Built-in optical sight
  • Anti-lightning circuit
  • Use of C-type output device
  • Adjustable beam interdiction cycle
  • integrated structure design

Motion Beams Specifications:

  • No.of Beams: 2 beams
  • Install Distance(Max.) Outdoor: 150m / Indoor: 450m
  • Detection Mode: 2 beams blocked simultaneous
  • Optical Source: Infrared digital pulse beam
  • Response Speed: 50 ~ 700msec
  • Relay contact output: NO.NC
  • Contact Rating output: AC/DC30V 0.5AMax
  • Power Supply: DC 13.8 ~ 24V AC 11 ~ 18V P ≥15W
  • Operation temperature: -25 °C  – 55 °C
  • Operation humidity: 5% – 95% RH (relative humidity)
  • Product Weight: 29.42 oz

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