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Luna Optics LN-EBG1-PRO Night Vision Goggles (Gen 2)

with high-quality Generation 2 Image Intensifier Tube, advanced optical system, Super-Close Focus capability, Automatic Gain Control, 905 nm IR illumination and a Bright-Light Protection Sensor.

  • Monocular Night Vision Goggles
  • Generation 2 Image Intensifier Tube
  • Advanced optics for Super Close Focusing
  • Built-in Dual IR illuminators
  • 905 nm illuminator for close-range
  • 805 nm illuminator with Focuable Beam for long range
  • Light Protection Sensor to prevent damage when exposed to direct light
  • Auto On/Off Flip-Up Switch for when goggles are moved up or down
  • Waterproof
  • External battery input
  • Can add 4x or 7x lenses for extended range viewing
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Night Vision Generation Gen 2
Magnification 1x (optional 4x or 7x lenses)
Image Resolution Not specified
Photosensitivity Not specified
Objective Lens 26 mm
Field of View 40° (4x = 12°, 7x = 6.5°)
Focusing Distance 25 cm – infinity
Detection Range 180 m (4x = 500m, 7x = 700m)
Power Supply 2x AA batteries. External power supply connection
Operating Time 60 hours without IR
Dimensions 170 x 139 x 64 mm
Weight 570 g


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