Taser Stun Gun with Laser Pointer

R 850.00

The 5m Taser Stun Gun with Laser Pointer with Electric Wire Discharge, 80 000 Volts and Two Steel Pin Darts to penetrate your attacker deep within their soul! Keep the foolish attacker at a 5 meter distance and simply press the button, which will shoot out two steel darts, attached to a 5m electric cable!.

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New 5m Taser Stun Gun with Laser Pointer shoots metal darts up to 5 meters

  • This Taser Fires From 5m Away With Laser Pointer Accuracy
  • Simply Load A Cartridge Onto The End Of The Taser
  • When Ready To Shoot -Simply Push The ‘Fire’ Button And 2 Steel Pins With
  • Wires Connected To Your Gun Shoot Out Up To 5m And Penetrate 1 Centimeter
  • Hold The Button Down To “Stun” Your Attacker
  • Cartridges Can Be Shot Once And Then Must Be Disposed Of
  • Kit Includes 2 FREE Cartridges
  • Once Cartridge Is Fired – The Actual Gun Can Doubles Up As A Stun Gun

New Taser Laser Gun with laser pointer Specifications:

  • * Power 4.8V rechargeable battery
  • * Output Voltage 80KV
  • * Weight +/- 150g/200g
  • * Launch range = 2.5m to 4.5m +/-
  • * Electric penetration shock +/- 30 seconds
  • * Effect of about 1cm arc through clothing
  • * Needle length 9mm
  • * Built in siren
  • * Built in taser + taser gun

2 x cartridges
1 x carry case
1 x taser pouch
1 x recharge cable

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