Mini Microscope Camera 500X

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The New Mini Microscope Camera 500x can be used for examining fine jewelry, coins, stamps, electronics, Industrial Inspection, Computer Parts inspection, Telecom module inspection, scientific teaching tool, Laboratory Research.

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The New Mini Microscope Camera 500x for sale!

Used for these applications:

  • Skin inspection
  • Hair inspection
  • Education purpose inspection
  • Print industrial inspection
  • Jewellery and Stamp (Collections)
  • Biological inspection
  • PCB, Textile and Materials inspections
  • USB 3.0/2.0/1.1

-Image sensor: 0.3M CMOS sensor
-Controller: fast DSP processor
-Magnification: 0- 500X
-Focus range: 15mm ~ 40mm (manual)
-LED quantity: 8 LEDs
-Lighting range: 0 – 30000LUX
-Brightness adjustment: manual control
-Power supply: USB DC 5V
-PC interface: USB 2.0 / 1.1
-Video format: AVI
-Photo format: BMP / JPG
-Frame rate: 30f / s below brightness 600 LUX
-Video capture resolution: up to 640 * 480
-Operating system: Win XP / Vista, Win7

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Mini Microscope Camera 500x Applications: Medical analysis, School Research tool, Insect dissection examination, Plant dissection examination, Skin examination, Scalp examination, Textile Inspection, Jewelry Inspection, Collections/Coin Inspection, Printing Inspection, Reading Aid.




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Mini Microscope Camera 500x Specifications:
– Image Sensor: 0.3M HD CMOS Sensor (Digital 2M)
– Controller: High Speed DSP
– Lens: Micro- Scope Lens
– Focus Range: Manual Focus from 0~200mm
– Snap Shot: Software and Hardware
– Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480
– Still Image Capture Resolution: 1600 x 1200(2M Pixel), 1280 x 960(1.3M Pixel), 800 x 600, 640 x 480
– Frame Rate: Max. 30f/s Under 600 Lux Brightness
– Flicker Control: 50Hz / 60Hz Option
– Video Format: AVI
– Snap Shot Format: JEPG
– Light Source: 8 White Light LED (with adjust controller on USB cable)
– Magnification Ratio: 500X (Manual)
– Power Supply: USB Port (5V DC)
– Software: Driver and Measurement
– System Requirement: Pentium Computer with 700MHz & Above, 20M HD Space CD ROM Driver, 128MB RAM, Direct X VGA Card
– Piece: Interface: USB2.0 & USB1.1
– Operation System: WIN XP/VISTA/WIN 7/8/10 32 Bit & 64 Bit