Otoscope Auriscope Ear Inspection Camera

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Otoscope Auriscope Ear Inspection Camera with WiFi for Smartphones, is a device used by doctors to look into ear canals, eardrums and tympanic membrane.

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Otoscope Auriscope Ear Inspection Camera

Excellent overall product designed for ENT, Audiology, Pediatric and Primary Care.
High-resolution digital image data captured.
Broad view allows the doctors to easily observe the entire canal.

Lens diameter: 3.9mm
Lens pixel: 1 million HD
Display: 4.5 inch (resolution 1280*720P)
Battery capacity: 1200 Mah
Duration: about 2 hours.
Language: support for multi lingual languages
Video recording with storage (No SD card included)
Camera: 1/9 VGA COMS
LED: 6 Adjustable White LED
Interface: Audio port
Wide visual view angel: 67°
Pixel: VGA 1300k
Resolution: HD 1920*1080P 1280*720,640*480
Cable length: 1.0M
Waterproof level: IP67
Focal Distance: 1.4-2cm (0.55-0.79Inch)
Temperature: 0℃ to 80℃

 Package included:

1* 4.5inch IPS display
1* 3.9mm visual endoscope (with USB interface)
1* English manual
1* Ear cleaning set (additional gift)
2* Metal ear spoon
2* Plastic ear spoon
1* Black fixed fix set (fix ear spoon)
1* Black cap
1* USB charging cable

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