USB Voice Activated Recorder

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2022 Model USB Voice Activated Recorder with built in memory, white noise reduction, sensitive audio activation, long life battery, high quality recordings. quick recharge time, disguised as a flash drive! The best mini voice recorders for meetings, mystery shoppers, verbally abusive bosses, bullies at school.

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USB Voice Activated Recorder disguised as a flash drive with built in memory, new 2022 model!

Voice and audio activation: Yes
Battery mah: 120mah
Battery recharge: 6 hours
Battery recharge input: laptop or pc usb ports only. DO NOT USE A CELL CHARGER!
Operating time: between 12 hours and 96 hours (depends on amount of noise)
Storage: built in memory
Storage size: 8gb/16gb (built in memory)
Storage capacity: +/- 190 hours worth of audio saved
Model: USB-VAR / new improved 2022 model, limited stock on hand!
Built in noise reduction
Two modes: continuous and voice activated
Continuous: records non-stop but drains the battery quickly, 6 hours recording time
Voice activated: records when a sound or noise or voices are detected, up to 96 hours recording
WAV high quality audio at 192kbps

The USB Voice Activated Recorder is also a functioning flash drive, store photos, videos etc

Charging input: 1a/5v – usb pc port, usb laptop port.
We do not offer warranty for stupidity! 

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