Voice Recorder Pen

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The Best Voice Recorder Pen in South Africa. Functions as a writing pen with Integrated digital voice recording, Slimline and stylish design, Fast start recording, No visible lights / sounds / vibration or moving parts whilst recording and Can be used as a flash drive, mp3 player

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The Best Voice Recorder Pen in South Africa.

  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Play back audio via supplied earphones
  • Charging time – 6 hours
  • Recording time – 10 hours/12 hours
  • Recording distance – approx 5m/10m
  • Recording format – MP3 Recording bit rate – 1536KBPS
  • Storage – built in 32GB
  • +/- 96 hours storage capacity
  • LED charging indicator
  • LED to confirm standby mode is enabled
  • Microphone sensitivity – -38 dB Noise ratio – 58 dB
  • USB transmission speed – USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • *model may vary*
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