UV Anti Theft Powder

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The UV Anti Theft Powder will be transferred to the skin when contact with the item is made. The powder will then show up under a UV lamp.  Ideal for use on documents, bank notes etc. The colors are visible under UV light only, as the powder is almost white / transparent to the eye.  The powder is also available in red which lights up luminous under UV light.

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SD cards for video recorders ONLY*


UV Anti Theft Powder for sale is the best Invisible ink to catch people stealing!

  • When powder is applied to your money or household item, and contact is made powder glows an intense blue under black light.
  • Totally dry application, easy to use. Great way to catch a thief.
  • Requires black light for viewing.
  • Follow all MSDS precautions when using this or any other products.
  • Should use gloves when applying to money, product or problematic areas.
  • Requires thorough cleaning and scrubbing if messed on skin.

This UV Anti Theft Powder is known as Invisible Anti Theft Ink!

Supplied in a 30g, ample powder for notes, cash drawers etc

  • Color varies according to stock on hand.
  • 30/50 Grams
  • 35 microns, small
  • Glow time: 45 minutes max
  • Daytime color: off-white/light

Update: please contact us to verify stock availability.

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Information on Toxicity: The pigment is safe as it contains NO radioactive or toxic materials.




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